Safety use of cellular communication

Modern man himself is not a suspect at times, leaves traces everywhere - and it is not just about fingerprints. We did almost every minute traces of electronic reserve - when making calls from a mobile phone, enter the Internet or insert a card in the subway turnstiles. And these traces can be detected through a variety of technical means.

Experts note that all loud recent crimes in Russia, including the assassination of the first Central Bank president Andrey Kozlov, investigated with the help of billing - a system fixing calls from mobile phones. It is through billing detectives MOORE set route, which fled the scene murderers Central Bank First Deputy Chairman Andrei Kozlov Russia. This Hook has been enough to unleash one of the most high-profile crimes recently.

Using billing killers were Kozlova and may find the killers Politkovskaya. Investigations are slow due to bureaucratic procedures. Private detectives are taking data from "their" people in the cellular company or the police. criminals use billing in the preparation of murders and kidnappings.

Earlier, the same methodology was used murovskoy during operations to eliminate walnut-medvedkovskoy OPG. Journal Summary "tried to find out what this very billing and whether it is not widespread use of interference in the private lives of citizens.

Using billing Kozlova and find the killers could find the killers Politkovskaya.

Mobile - one of the greatest inventions of mankind, gave man the freedom of communication and movement. But at the same time, the mobile phone is an excellent radio beacon that allows the subscriber to monitor any movement in space. The fact is that the entire territory covered mobile communication, is divided into one-hundredth equipped own towers, or base stations. According to one member of the technical service of the companies' largest cellular troika, all the towers are clear address. As a result of technical information about a specific connection contains not only the phone number to which the owner has contacted "tube", but also address the tower, which was carried out through switching. Moreover, fixed and the so-called sector - that is, information about where before calling on the tower (north, south, west or east). Besides the technical capabilities of equipment cellular companies to help identify the signal power, which in turn points out where he remained a subscriber at the time of the conversation - on the street, in a car or on the premises.

Tracking movement from one caller to another tower, it can be a route to follow with an error of 300-500 meters. The latest example of the successful use billing system - the detention of alleged murderers first deputy chairman of Central Bank of Russia Andrei Kozlov. The militia, uladiv procedural formalities contact with all cellular operators and asked them data on the zone in which base stations is the crime scene. Then received all telephone numbers, subscribers who went to the link with the place. Work on all the callers took a few months, but operativnikam lucky - one of the killers, fearing that his clients kill crime was to surrender. True, by this time detectives have already had information that one of the subscribers, leaving us at the scene of murder, radiates from office earlier Central Bank of Russia. That is the offender with its wholehearted recognition ahead of policemen just a few days.

Professionals argue that the only answer to qualified raping and technicians have received the information necessary to start an investigation. This process has not stopped - suddenly took electronic footprints. Even if the suspect will make only one call, and then deactivate the phone and get rid of him, will be installed place last connection, number by which it was carried out. This means that the raping will still be able to find witnesses talk, to establish who was calling, and still get a lot of important information which will bring them to the caller identification. By the way, speaking about some positive developments in the investigation of the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, a high-ranking prosecutors, according to the "output" had in mind trapped in the hands of investigative technical data provider.

Investigations are slow due to bureaucratic procedures

True, detectives themselves recognize that such a speed show exclusively particular resonance in the investigation of crimes. In all other cases, bureaucratic machine is stalled, pozhiraya precious time. For the cellular operator has provided data about the owner of a phone, and information about his movements and contacts needed investigator sanction prosecutors.

In the framework of the federal law "About communications" the cellular operators are required to provide information only entity razysknoy operational activities to a preliminary investigation, inquiry and prosecution of a written request, formalised under the legal standards - representative of the company said "VimpelCom" Catherine Osadchaya. -- Information is transmitted only person authorized law enforcement officer, because we are working with the personal data of subscribers and other confidential information, so the issue of protection against internal and external threats to information the company is giving serious attention. " According to "VimpelCom" access to the billing system is strictly limited, all requests to the database are recorded and monitored by the security units.

According to some reports, is now in production on one of Moscow investigator is up to 80 (!) Criminal cases at the same time. In such a busy prosecutors simply not physically able to sign all of them submitted to the paper. But even if the authorization is obtained, Nunoa sometimes have to wait a few days until his request will be taken to the work of the security services of cellular companies. Well, if you need to "find out" Number one, and if they, for example, a dozen. In all this time is spent. With favorable circumstances, a request is processed within three days. Then the fun begins.

Detective receives at the hands of several dozen finely ispisannyh pages to be processed in order to establish the closest contact the subscriber, his movements and so on. In theory this should be handled by the Office of operational information razysknoy (UORI) Moscow GUVD, but in many cases, detectives used for the analysis of detail of interest to the subscriber themselves. Who with multicolored markers, pencil and calculator, and the most technically advanced - with the help of a special computer program "Cross". She, by the way, is set to UORI and designed specifically for the analysis of telephone printouts. According to experts, is so far very crude software that makes a lot of mistakes. Here this is a problem - UORI overloaded, raping trying to do something themselves, but this does not always work.

There is, however, a special program, which analyzes the quality and fast printing of telephone conversations. Her pleasure to use in their work of Interpol, Europol and the FBI. There is only one nuance - installing such software on one computer costs 7 thousand euros. Calculators, markers and pencils, even in combination, are significantly cheaper.

Private detectives are taking data from "their" people in the cellular company or police

Currently, the information removed from mobile phones, increasingly used by other private detectives. It began, and they were the first to master this segment of investigation. Of course, there are a whole bouquet of violations of the Penal Code, and therefore information is well paid. According to one of the private detectives today to buy a printout contacts subscriber can be interesting in two ways. The first - to buy it directly from "their" people in the cellular company. However, to do so is problematic - security service operators constantly struggling to cope with leaks.

There will be fitting to remember one funny story. As is known, these billing - is the main tool in gathering information about marital treachery. So, Tyson irrefutable evidence husband's infidelity, a woman in tears threw wife in the face with a detective received a printout of telephone conversations and upset the door. Uncloaked lovelas took detail, went to their cellular company and given a terrible scandal. As a result, security service company very quickly calculated "mole", and channel receipt prints for the whole detective agency was closed. Since then detectives will not give in the hands of the fruits of their labour.

On average, today receipt of detail one phone number (at the professional slang - "detail") costs $ 500. Her analysis - Subscriber establish contacts, his movements and stuff - at least 1.5 thousand dollars. However, in order to be interested in the rights of cellular companies, detectives must constantly seek a large amount of rooms, and this is not always the case.

There is another way - a friend to detectives included in the list submitted to puncture numbers of mobile phones and numbers of interest to the private detective. True, the above reasons, the process may be delayed, and it means that detective will lose time and probably will miss profit. However, detectives say that receive information every day becomes more difficult. Cellular companies are paying increasing attention to protection of information about their clients. "The protection of personal data of our customers are a priority in the framework of the maintenance of our subscribers" - stated official representative of ITT Alyavdin Kirill. Moreover, in the words of a company, protecting customers from unauthorized listening during conversations provided within the GSM standard cellular communications, which provides streaming encoding voice and data in their gear.

Criminals use billing in the preparation of murders and kidnappings

Alas, as is often the case, using modern technology not only detectives, but also those they catch. Law enforcement agencies have data that the system of billing hackers used in the preparation of serious crimes - murders, abductions or major robberies. Incidentally, as a rule, are these former employees of agencies with the skills razysknoy operational activities. When investigating some high profile murders law enforcement officers are among the artists and customers crimes prints podrobnosti cell phones victims.

When asked whether such as tracking protect themselves from Alexander, a member of a major cellular company to complete seriously replied: "Yes. Never use a mobile phone." Yes, it's true, and yet another way - to communicate solely through M S S-communications, or to ensure that the conversation did not exceed two seconds. It is important to the choice of the operator of cellular communication. Some of them enjoy base stations, covering quite a large territory, which greatly hampers detection subscriber.

However, the staff of the cellular companies and raping recognize that the above list means of modern technology tracking far from exhausted. The main thing is that the technical capabilities matched by the desire and motivation professional detectives and investigators to disclose the crime. And not only resonant.